Who am I ?

 I am a former member of the Hawthorne Police Department, in the State of California, where I was at various times, a police officer, field supervisor, detective and sergeant.

smalldiopI was specially trained as an undercover investigator by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs office. As a member of the Hawthorne Police Department, I have performed all the duties of a law enforcement officer including but not limited to street patrol, DUI enforcement and investigation, traffic, detective bureau, and robbery investigations. As a police officer I engaged in the traffic stop of motorists, investigations, arrests, handcuffing, transporting and processing of individuals. I hold an advanced certificate in Peace Officer Standards and Training. I am a qualified instructor in Police Control Restraint Techniques. I have been qualified as an expert in police practices in both federal court and California state courts, especially with regard to the use of force, report writing and officer misconduct. Prior to becoming a police officer, I had worked as a deputy in Ventura County, California. I spent a combined period of approximately nine years as a sheriff deputy and police officer.




I have testified before the California State Assembly and the United States Congress on police practices. I have conducted investigations for the FBI, members of Congress, the NAACP national office, The Southern Christian Leadership Conference and for staff of the Los Angeles mayor's office.
My investigative work in the field of law enforcement has resulted in changes in the law in California with regard to false police reports. As a result of my investigations the law in CA. was changed increasing the penalties for filing false police reports from a misdemeanor to a felony.
Many police agencies have made policy changes as a direct result of my hidden camera test with national and local media. Others use our videotapes or portions of our training material for in-service training. I have conducted training sessions for law enforcement organizations throughout the United States, including training and seminars for police chiefs. I have provided training for the following law enforcement agencies and educational institutions:
I have been a licensed private investigator for 25 years and I have conducted numerous investigations in that capacity. I have more than 500 investigations of police misconduct in my experience. I have published editorials in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times. As an investigative journalist my stories have received acknowledgements; thus far four Emmy awards and four Edward R. Murrow awards for investigative journalism.
My organization has conducted numerous undercover investigations documenting racial profiling and other misconduct by various law enforcement organizations throughout the United States. Our videos are used by more than 1200 police departments and the DOJ for training. Education I earned a bachelors degree from California Lutheran University and Masters Degree in criminal justice from Penn State University. I have served as an Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice at Florida A&M University and Florida State University.